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Cadence to Capability: A Mom's Guide to Preparing Teens for College, Career, and "Adulting"

About this Course

The course provides insights and strategies to help you mentor your teen during their transitional phase into adulthood. It focuses on promoting autonomy, decision-making abilities and a growth mindset in your teens to tackle future challenges. You will gain a comprehensive guide to shaping confident, skilled and future-ready young adults by being equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively guide and empower your teen for future success. Key areas covered in this course include: maintaining open communication through adulthood; encouraging independence; developing essential life skills like time management and financial literacy; exploring career/education paths; supporting mental/emotional well-being; navigating the digital world safely; building resilience; and preparing for college/career transitions. The goal of this course is to leave you feeling empowered to be an active partner in setting your teen up for long-term prosperity and equipping them with the foundational skills needed to thrive in the complex modern world.


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