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Jennifer, 38
Gardendale, AL
mom of 5
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     My name is Jennifer, and I am a school-based Speech Therapist.  I got married in March of 2008. I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), so having children was supposed to be very difficult for me. Well, I became pregnant in May of 2008- only two months after being married. I took TEN pregnancy tests because I just couldn't believe it! The following January, I had a healthy baby boy. It was love at first sight.  I now have 4 children, ages 10, 5, 5, 5, and 1 (yes, triplets)! 

     My biggest challenge as a mother is juggling time to keep myself healthy and active, and be a mommy. Now that the triplets are older, I can make time in my day to exercise. It isn't a choice for me, it's a must. I am also planning meals ahead to prepare healthier choices. I not only want to be healthy, but I also want my children to understand the importance of taking care of themselves.

     My biggest accomplishment as a mother is surviving year one with triplets and a four year old. That was huge.  In January of 2018, we were blessed to gain custody of our nephew. Over the past year he has transitioned into being our son and we can not imagine what life would be like without him!

     My hope for myself and my children is to instill in them a love and devotion to God and Christ.  I want them to be happy, and I've found myself happiest in the Lord.  To all of you new mommas, hang in there.  Motherhood is truly the most blessed job in the world, but also the most challenging.  On your worst day, I promise there will be a moment that shows you why you do what you do, and how much you love them.  Some days are really hard, and some days are awesome. Pray, be happy, and always count your blessings.

Kia, 38
Charlotte, NC
new mom

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       My name is Kia, and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina.  In addition to being a new mom, I am a business owner.  Prior to becoming pregnant, my life was so busy, and I was clueless as to how we'd fit a baby into our family's schedule.  My prayer was "When the timing is right, please bless us with a child." 

     I hadn't been taking the ovulation testing like I was supposed to, so one day my husband said, "You need to take getting pregnant more seriously."  Welp, I did, and now our new daughter is here!

     My biggest challenge as a mother is the pressure that I put on myself to be a good mom; I truly want to be successful at it.  My biggest acomplishment?  Nursing!  It's like a third job, and yet I'm still doing it!

      My biggest hope as a mother is to have a relationship with my kids where they can talk to me about anything.  I have an employee who says that her mom is her best friend, and that her mom has just the right balance of nurture and discipline.  That's exactly what I want to be.  I want to raise kind, empathetic, smart, funny, and well-rounded kids.

     My encouragement to all of you moms is to do the best you can, and let God do the rest...actually, let Him do MOST of the work!

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