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Hello, Amazing Moms!

Do you sometimes find yourself: - Struggling to discover your inner “Mom” confidence; - Having difficulty setting healthy boundaries for you and your family; and - Finding your true purpose as a mom who also has great vision and goals of her own?

In today's episode, I share with you Moms THREE "amazing" books that DRASTICALLY impacted my parenting for the better! As a mom of seven with a BIG heart as well as BIG dreams - these three books changed my life for the better and set me on a clear, confident path of focus, healthy boundaries, and balance! I am SURE that you will find invaluable information inside each of these resources that will also propel YOU even further toward being the "Amazing Mom" that YOU are destined to be! These books also make great gifts for women of all ages!

You can pick up the books at the affiliate link below, and let's discuss! These “3 Books that Every Mom Should Read in 2020” can be found on our “Amazing Mom Resources” Page at: GET THE BOOKS TODAY AT:

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