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"Just Do It."

From just reading the title, you probably thought that this would be a blog post about procrastination, or going to the gym, or even an athletic add for Nike... Well, it’s not.

As a mom of 7, I often get asked “How do you do it,” and my response is always, “I just do it! When my kids are hungry and I need to prepare a meal, I just do it. When a child needs my love and attention, I just do it. When my kids were younger and a diaper needed to be changed, or a child needed to be nursed in the middle of the night, I just did it - no complaining (even though it may have crossed my mind at times), no dread (pun intended) - I JUST DID IT!

Fun fact: Did you know that Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” came from the last words of a serial killer who was standing in the face of his execution? When asked if there was anything that he wanted to say before he died, his last words were: “Let’s just do this.” The Danny Wiesen, the initiator of the famous slogan thought that that would be the perfect slogan for the brand because it represented someone who faced a challenge that he/she knew was to come, and they faced it ready, and more than willing, to accept it.

Isn’t that a lot like motherhood? Before becoming moms, we hear so much about how hard it’s going the be: the sleepless nights, the "terrible two's" (please, let's stop speaking that over our children), and the attitudes that are expected to come in the teenage years (we need better expectations in regards to that as well); but yet and still, when we read that plus sign on that pregnancy test or receive that approval letter of adoption, we take a deep breath, and we tell ourselves, “Let’s do this.”

My "Mompowerment" message for this week is that - when presented with one of the many responsibilities and challenges that motherhood brings to you - don’t complain...just take a deep breath ("sigh"), reflect on these three little words, and “Just do it.”

Question: What are some of the challenges you’re facing in your life right now as a mother? Let’s share and support in the comments below!

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