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Hello, Amazing Moms!…I'm BACK!!!

And today I am here with a life update, a channel update, and the premiere my new trailer!

You can now join me "Live" on my socials every Monday night @7pm CST, where we will discuss a parenting topic that I will present either that Monday morning, or I’ll rehash a hot topic from the previous week… so be sure to set aside this time to tune in, because I want to hear from YOU!

I will also be adding “Teen Talk” Tuesdays, where my oldest daughter and I will have open, candid conversations surrounding teen subject matter and issues. I haven’t yet decided if this will be live or prerecorded, or if it will be aired weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. So I’ll put out the first episode and you all can let me know how often you'd like to see it!

You can also join us for “Family Fun" Fridays, where my family and I share with you activities that YOU can do in order to “keep the fun in family” because we know that oftentimes, motherhood can feel a lot like work, and I want to help you keep this parenting journey FUN, keep it FRESH, and keep it FRUSTRATION-FREE!

In addition to this channel, I have created an online FB community for moms called "The Amazing Mom Community." It’s kind of a “one-stop shop” for all of the content that I will post across platforms, it’s a place where we can build community with other moms worldwide, plus, it will feature recommended mom resources and ”daily mom deals” that I find on Amazon! Join here:

Lastly, The Amazing Mom TV now has a PATREON PAGE! So if you would ever like to show your appreciation by shooting me a "high-five" or becoming a patron, there are various tiers that you can choose from. In our Patreon community you can get all of the behind the scenes footage, be entered into our monthly Mom giveaways, be a part of a more private “Mom check-in” support group where I will meet with you and other moms monthly over Zoom to PERSONALLY help you navigate any parenting or life challenges, and there is also a tier in which you and/or your child may receive virtual therapy sessions. Join here:


Enjoying the videos? Please shoot me a "High-Five" to help support my ability to create more content, and aid my mission to “Change the World one Mother, one Child, and one Family at a Time" at:


Join our community of “Amazing” Moms! at:


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