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“NOT-SO-FUN” FACT: On yesterday, my external hard drive containing all of my @TheAmazingMomTV graphics, photos, pre-recorded footage, a year’s worth of content plans/ideas….everything…DIED.

Of course I was extremely upset. You see, ever since launching @TheAmazingMomTV, I have had one attack after another; yet I have continued to stand (and move) on what I have known for the last FOUR YEARS that God has called me to do. When my 2 terabytes (yes…two whole terabytes) worth of information was destroyed, it almost destroyed me.

Haha, but it didn’t.

After a (surprisingly, very short) pity party, I once again made a decision to take one step forward; trusting God to meet me right at that point where my feet would once again come together…and of course, He did.

Late into Thursday evening, I still had no idea what the topic would be for this week’s "Family Fun" Friday because the original, pre-recorded episode/footage was on that hard drive. My "amazing," supportive husband quietly listened and held my hand as I brainstormed in the car of topics I could do, because not doing anything was never an option. I know the fight I’m in.

After finally settling on an idea, my husband and my kids - after a long day of standardized testing, Valentine’s Day dances, and an unplanned trip with me to my appointment with Geek Squad - they all came together well after our bedtimes to surround, support, and stand with me in remaining faithful (and obedient) to God’s assignment (but that Enzi was struggling though, lol!).

So here we are - nine physically tired, yet spiritually alive people on a collective mission to spread light, love, joy, encouragement, and strength to whoever may need it.

Meet my “amazing” (graced) family. ________________________

…and P.S.: To recover all of my data from that hard drive, it will cost me $1,450. I guess this would be an appropriate time to “officially” introduce you to my Patreon page. If you find value in the content that I’m creating and at any time would like to show your appreciation; and/or you would like to support my family and I in our mission to "Change the World One Mother, One Child, and One Family at a Time," visit:

I love you ladies so much! Thanks for taking the time to watch my content, and thanks for the love/appreciation you’ve shown thus far by way of sharing, commenting, and expressing to me the impact that these videos have made, and are making. I hear and see you. And it really means a lot.

Blessings and Peace, Claudia

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