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Along my journey of raising 7 kids, I’ve often found myself “unintentionally” isolated more and more within the walls of my home. Mind you, I LOVE being home. I LOVE being home WITH my children. And as my children are growing older and now all attend school, I have learned to LOVE being home ALONE!

Needless to say, motherhood captivates our time. Commands our focus. Bids our attention. And if we are not INTENTIONAL about creating space for amusements and relationships OUTSIDE of our motherly responsibilities, we may leave the other facets of our soul, as sheer women, deprived.

Today’s episode is an important reminder to “GET OUT,” connect with other women, and nurture ALL of the who you are.

I am so honored to collab with “amazing mom” Adrienne Nixon, fashion designer and founder of Birmingham Books and Bites. Adrian’s creation of this book club was one of many reminders for ME to take the necessary time to occasionally GET OUT, and connect with other “amazing” women.

Question: What was your last “non-mom”-related outing? What did you do, and how did it enrich you as a “woman?”

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