Hello, my “Amazing Moms!” Here’s a really quick word of encouragement for you on this Mompowerment Monday...

Did you know that your child spends most of their life- specifically their early years- “looking up” to you?

Our children come into this world with no expectations, no standards, and with no judgments; and by default, you’re the very first person that they “look up” to!!!

I don’t think this is a coincidence. I believe this is one of God’s many affirmations to us moms that- despite our lack of self-assurance in our decisions and the way we handle things, and even despite our mistakes, there is always enough GRACE to keep at least one person we know “looking up to us.”

One thing I’ve learned in raising 7 kids is that kids are resilient, and forgiving; and they are good at giving you chance after chance to get it right…just like God does!

So go into this week knowing that you are “looked up to.” You are an inspiration. You are a role model! What you say and do- as well as the choices you make- they matter, and there’s always enough GRACE within you, and around you, for you to get this “motherhood thing” right. Girl, you GOT this!


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