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Hey, Amazing Moms! It's so great to be back!!! It's "Winning Wednesday," and in today's video I share with you my former struggles and experiences with perfectionism and "people-pleasing."

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look presentable and “put your best foot forward," but when it begins to rob us of our peace, joy, sanity, and ability to move forward, then SOMETHING IS WRONG.

Let this video serve as a reminder that:

- It’s all about the experience, not the appearance!

- It's great to be presentable, but more importantly, be PRESENT!

- Perfectionism steals our peace, our joy, our humility, our authenticity, and ironically, our confidence and esteem through comparison!

- No one is going to remember/care how you or your family look, because they’re not looking at you for real anyway! #ijs

- Perfectionism is its own “Imperfection.”

I hope you enjoy this video and if so, share this video with another mom friend, or tag a mom in the comments to encourage her.

See you Friday!


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