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My mission is simply "To Change the World, One Mom at a Time." 

Throughout history, women have served as significant, and essential agents for effective and long-lasting change; and I believe that a

culture of empowered mothers is the key to transforming our society - and our world - for the good!  Through past experience working in the public school system, I discovered that regardless of a teacher's attempt to teach a child throughout the course of a school day, it is the child’s home environment that predominately drives the efforts for their character development, and

impacts the child the most. In my profession as a mental health Music Therapist working with individuals (as young as age 3) with a varying psychosocial challenges (from severe anxiety/depression and personality disorders; to addiction recovery and transitional interventions for recently-released prisoners), I have also discovered that - above any consequences faced as a result of their decisions- the toughest consequence of all and the greatest guilt felt is the disappointment of their mother.  Whether she is living or deceased, the person who they want to "make the most proud" is their mother. This speaks volumes.​

Claudia, Founder of® 


TAM LOGO 2.png

Because a mom's work can go un-praised, under-appreciated, and oftentimes unnoticed, I believe that there are moms out there who do not realize the magnitude (and potential) of their impact not only on their children and families, but on society and the®  is here to give them that reminder! And for the moms who do realize it, this platform was created to provide them with the spiritual and practical encouragement, empowerment, and resources that we believe all moms need. 


TAM LOGO 2.png

My prayer is that, through® and The Amazing Mom TV®:

  • Moms who join this community will come to discover and embrace their own unique measure of God-given, "amazing" grace to successfully - and joyfully - navigate their unique motherhood journey.

  • The "fun" will be brought back into the family.

  • Wholesome, positive, and Life-giving content will be brought to media and social media.

  • I will leave a legacy for my own daughters and other girls around the world that they too, are amazing; that they are already spiritually-equipped with the strength to handle life's challenges; and that their unique voice and influence matters.

My prayer is also that others who share and support this mission will partner with® in whatever way you are led, in a joined effort "To Change the World, One Mom at a Time." 

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