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Communicating with your teenager doesn’t have to be difficult! There is an easier way to master being your child’s mentor and guide, without restricting their growing desire for independence as they make their inevitable transition into adulthood. You can successfully move beyond misunderstandings to a mutual respect.

Welcome to 
The Amazing Mom University!

A Self-Paced, Online Course Library to Help You Develop a Stronger Connection with Your Teenager!

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Meet your presenter & coach:

Claudia Lewis, MT-BC

     Claudia is a dedicated wife and mother raising seven children, including an impressive five teenagers. Despite the common warnings about the challenges of parenting teenagers, Claudia has embraced this phase of motherhood with enthusiasm and optimism. 

     With almost two decades of experience as a board-certified music therapist specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry, Claudia has honed her skills in understanding the intricacies of the adolescent brain. One of the key facets of her expertise lies in her ability to effortlessly build rapport, break down communication barriers, and bridge

generational gaps almost instantly—an ability she takes pride in.

     Claudia's professional journey has allowed her to connect with teenagers from all corners of the globe. Through active listening, she has gained profound insights into their thoughts, emotions, and essential needs. Leveraging this wealth of experience, Claudia is passionate about sharing invaluable tips and strategies that have contributed to her family's amazing journey through the teenage years.

     As a firm believer in the transformative power of understanding and effective communication, Claudia is eager to empower fellow moms. Her goal is to guide them in becoming adept at connecting with their teenagers, fostering healthy family relationships, and navigating the challenges of adolescence with confidence. Join Claudia on this incredible journey, and discover the ultimate bridge to restoring and strengthening family bonds.

In this course, "How to Communicate with Your Teen," we will cover:

How to Build Strong
Parent-Teen Bonds

Learn the 12 steps to

re-establishing a strong and meaningful relationship with your teen.

Active Listening & Empathetic Communication

Gain trust with your teen through the art of these two communication techniques.

Conflict Resolution & Problem-Solving

Gain mastery in this invaluable life skill that you and your teen  that extends beyond your home environment.

Setting Healthy Boundaries & Expectations

Hone your ability to provide direction while respecting your teen's need for independence.

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"The 'Harmony at Home: A Mother's Guide to Effectively Communicating with Your Teen' Workbook is like a therapist in a book!"

Awilda Jones, MA

Author, Digital Creator, and Life Coach

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